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SA+CO is a forensic computing service provider, supporting law enforcement officers and security agencies throughout Canada and the United States.

Our speciality are Apple products: "Classic" Apple operating systems (from version 6 to System 9.2.2) and Mac OS X, the HFS and HFS+ file systems, and Mac-only proprietary file formats of all kind.

With over over 20 years of experience in IT, most of it with Macintosh products, we have done forensic work for many important clients, including some of the largest accounting and financial firms in North America, though contractually our client list must remain confidential.

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Most forensic investigators have the expertise to handle DOS, Windows and Linux withoit problems. But with limited budget and human resources, supporting Macintosh in-house as well is rarely seen as a good ROI.

Yet there are crucial differences - and that's when we becomes part of your team.

We can resurrect, restore, un-erase and salvage most files, from most media, entirely or partially. But note that we do not offer a "data rescue" service for defective media such as hard drives with mechanical failures. We suggest you call Drivesavers Data Recovery if this is what you need. We use them, because there is no better.

We can transcode and transfer to DOS, Windows or Linux file formats and support media for clients that would prefer to do their own analysis, or do the analysis in-house and provide you with a fact-finding report and supporting evidences.

Proper methodology and documentation for chain-of-evidence are respected.

Our rates are flexible and on a case-by-case basis. We will meet your budget - and your schedule.

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