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My father, Gilles, was long involved with the Quebec Society for Disabled Children - in fact my parents met at the Camp Papillon, where uncles and aunts also worked for many years.

Quadriplegic since birth, Robert Jean attended the QSDC from the age of six, first as one of the Society's protégés and today, as a seasoned fundraiser and an accomplished speaker. Due to the dysarthria from birth which prevents him from speaking, Robert Jean can only communicate with his eyes thanks to a code elaborated by his mother in the early fifties.

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When I first met Robert, I was a child and he was a teen. Throughout my life he remained an example of strenght, courage and persistance.

We were to meet again in 2005 under sad circumstances, following the sudden death of my father.

Turning a bad into a good, our conversation - and following email exchanges - started me thinking about the help computer technology could bring to people with severe functionnal limitations. I was amazed that I could now, thanks to computer, email and adaptive devices, so easily hold full conversations with Robert!

Thus, the name of the foundation. The RJF has yet to be registered as a non-profit organization, but once done the immediate objective will be to raise enough donations to establish a perpetuity trust fund that will guarantee operating income without requiring further sollicitation.

The objective of the Foundation is to become an information clearing house for all those with an interest in practical application of technology as enabling tools to overcome disabilities, most importantly regarding communication.

Any comments or show of interest in participating or financially supporting this important project would be welcome.

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